30 Shocking Truths Behind These Everyday Myths

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People often believe things not because they’ve been scientifically proven to be correct but simply because that’s what they were told. Many everyday myths hold no truth, but people all over the world assume that they are correct. If you trust easily, some everyday myths might surprise you. Let’s examine the truth behind these everyday myths that you may even still believe to this day.

Overcharging Damages Your Phone

This is one of the biggest technologically related myths that people often debate. Many believe overcharging will damage their phones, specifically their phone batteries. However, smartphones have been designed to stop charging when they are full.

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Due to this everyday myth, people have always been careful about keeping their phones on charge for long periods. However, phones charge until they are complete, and then as they drop in percentage, they recharge until they are full again.

Lightning Loves Your Phone

We’ve all heard the warning — don’t use your phone in a thunderstorm. Our phones work on electric waves that will make them magnetic-like for lightning, and using them should be avoided.

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Our phones work on radio waves that do not correlate with lightning currents. This means there are no increased odds that lightning will strike your phone while you use it. If you need to take a call during a thunderstorm, you can do so without fear of being electrocuted.

Cleopatra, the Egyptian Beauty

Even today, people all over the world are inspired by the mystery and beauty of Cleopatra. She inspires paintings, TV series, and even book characters. Many people still dress up as this well-known and admired beauty for Halloween. People are still obsessed with Cleopatra.

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She was a woman of many talents and fluent in many languages, including Aramaic, Greek, and Egyptian. That’s why it’s surprising to hear that she wasn’t Egyptian. Contrary to popular belief, the iconic beauty was Greek. Not that it should matter — her beauty and talents should speak for themselves.

Napoleon’s Height: The Short of It

It’s widely known that the Frenchman was relatively short. In fact, people often comment on his extreme shortness. However, this needs to be more accurate. Historians claim that the French titan was at least 5’6, which is average for Frenchmen.

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While 5 feet 6 inches is perfectly normal, we can’t help but wonder why the myth was born. Historians believe that it all started with measurement inaccuracies of the time. French and British measuring systems differed so much at the time that this could have led to the British believing he was more than a foot shorter.

Newton’s Apple Observation

We’ve all heard the story. Newton walked under an apple tree, and an apple fell on his head. This led to his conception of gravity being born. While Newton was responsible for our concepts of gravity, our image of what happened could be more accurate.

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The fact is that the apple fell next to Newton, allowing him to witness the process of the apple falling from the tree. Perhaps if the apple had fallen on his head, it wouldn’t have led him on his quest to truly understand gravity.

Snowy White Polar Bears

Most people firmly believe that polar bears are white. Interestingly, this needs to be more accurate. Polar bears have unique fur that gives them the best chances for survival in rough conditions.

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A polar bear’s fur isn’t as white as we’d expect. It’s not white at all. Instead, it is transparent and hollow. Their unique fur allows them to blend well with their surroundings, as their transparent fur can offer the same reflective shine as snow.

Red Drives Bulls Nuts

Many movies have scenes where the bullfighter produces some red cloth, and the bull begins to attack. For decades, people have believed that bulls enter attack mode when they see red.

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The truth, however, is that it isn’t the color red that makes the bull want to attack. Instead, the bullfighter’s movement becomes enticing to the bull. Therefore, if a bullfighter held a differently colored cloth and moved, the same thing would happen.

Animals Hibernate Because It’s Freezing

When severe cold weather hits, most people choose to stay indoors. While we get to make that choice, wild animals don’t think about it similarly. For decades, people have assumed that wild animals hibernate because they dislike extreme cold.

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The truth is that these animals hibernate because of a scarcity of nutrition. During the winter months, animals can’t find good food sources, so by hibernating, they restrict their calorie intake, requiring less food.

Piranhas Are Aggressive Hunters

Piranhas have always amused many people because they think these little creatures could quickly end a life. However, these fish are different from what we envision them to be. They’re not nearly as aggressive as they are. In fact, other water creatures have caused much more damage than these little fish.

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Thanks to a few horror movies in the past, people believe that falling into a lake of piranhas will lead to a horrifying end. The truth is, however, that these fish are very timid and overly cautious. Amazingly, there is no record of a human ever being hurt by piranhas.

Pooches Live Colorless Lives

Dog lovers might look at their pup with pity because they believe an untruth about how their beloved fluffy friend sees the world. For decades, people have believed that dogs can’t see color. We believe that their whole world is in shades of gray.

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Luckily for man’s best friend, the world is also in color, just not as vast as the one humans enjoy. Our floofs can also see color, but the range of color is much more limited than ours.

Swiftly Out of Bed Is Best

The saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. Many people are quick risers, ready to make the most of the day. They’re driven to waste as little time as possible getting up when their alarm clock rings. They may also not want to postpone the agony of getting up, so they get up as quickly as possible.

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Those who enjoy a more easily-paced rise out of bed will be happy to hear that this is the best approach. Getting up quickly after your alarm goes off can lead to you beginning your day with a spike in blood pressure. The best-case scenario is to wake up naturally, but sadly, many of us don’t have that option.

The Cold Causes Colds

We’ve all heard someone say, “Dress warmly, or you’ll catch a cold.” While this statement is uttered by many worldwide, it’s not scientifically correct. The reason is that temperature has nothing to do with getting a cold.

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Contrary to popular belief, colds are spread by getting a virus. However, the statistics prove that people get more colds during cold months. People spend more time indoors, creating a cozy breeding ground for the virus. This exposure increases our odds of catching a cold, not the temperature.

Microwaving Makes Good Food Bad

There’s no denying that many people believe we shouldn’t enjoy the luxury of our microwaves. They believe that the microwave waves harm our food, creating harmful bacteria and removing all health benefits from the food.

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Fortunately, using microwaves does not harm good meals. This is because microwaves can’t break down molecules. Food’s nutritional content can’t be altered by heating your food in a microwave. This is good news for all of us who love the convenience of using a microwave.

The Great Wall of China Wows Spacemen

No one can deny that the Great Wall of China is, in fact, great. This wonderwall of human accomplishment is a tourist attraction that tempts people worldwide to visit this superb site. While the Great Wall of China is amazing, it can’t be seen from space.

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Someone in space can’t make out anything on Earth other than clouds, significant stretches of land, and oceans. Even though astronauts are missing out on seeing the Great Wall of China, the sights from space are mind-blowing.

You Should Brush After Snacks

While most of us stick to brushing our teeth twice a day, some people brush their teeth after snacking or having a meal. They do this because they believe this will decrease the odds of cavities.

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The truth is that brushing your teeth twice a day with good technique and good-quality toothpaste is enough to keep your teeth cavity-free. In fact, overbrushing can be harmful to your gums and teeth. By sticking to brushing twice a day, you’re doing enough to promote good mouth hygiene.

Good-Quality Products End Split Ends

Ladies, prepare yourself for a beauty myth to be debunked. So many women around the world invest in expensive shampoos and conditioners in an effort to minimize split ends. While our hair benefits from good hair products, they won’t make a difference to our split ends.

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The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off. Once a strand of hair has reached the point where the end has split, there is nothing that can be done to make this end unsplit. The only answer is a snip. It’s best to have your ends trimmed once every three months.

Sky-Diving: The Perfect Time to Chit-Chat

This myth is kept alive because of Hollywood blockbusters that showcase an untruth. When two people go sky-diving, there’s no way that they can have a relaxing conversation. In fact, even if they were screaming at each other, they wouldn’t be able to communicate.

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People falling to the ground at such a high-speed experience so much wind pressure that they are basically deaf until they reach the ground. Another reason why it would be challenging to talk is that the wind would make it very hard to articulate words.

Dim-Lit Conditions Harm Our Eyes

Many of us enjoy ending the day with our favorite book. We can be transported into a different world by reading a well-written book. However, reading before bed is a topic that has caused many debates among avid readers. Some people enjoy reading by bedlight or on a tablet.

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While many people believe that reading in a dim-lit room is harmful to our eyes, the truth is that our eyes adjust to the darker conditions. As a result, our eyes might grow tired a bit faster, but they recover fully with rest.

Fight Heat With Heat

This age-old myth has caused a lot of pain and damage in the past, so it is essential to stop believing it. For decades, people have believed that it is best to treat heat wounds with something packed with heat, like chili oil. However, this can have disastrous effects.

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If you apply something spicy like chili oil to a burn wound, it will not be soothing, which is what the skin needs most. Instead, it will irritate the skin, increasing healing time. The best thing you can do if you have a burn wound is to keep it cool.

Trees are Our Biggest Oxygen Givers

Most people believe that we get most of our oxygen from trees on Earth. While we can never ignore the importance of trees, they’re not the most prominent creators of oxygen. Interestingly, our world’s rainforests are responsible for 28% of our oxygen.

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Surprisingly, our world’s oceans are responsible for a much better percentage. Our ocean waves create up to 70% of our planet’s oxygen. This means that the ocean is also a large part of our lives.

Take a Splash After Lunch

Most likely, your grandmother has told you that you shouldn’t swim after you’ve enjoyed a meal. For decades, people have believed that food consumption will affect our performance in water, leading to unwanted risks.

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The truth is that there’s no relation between food consumption and safety in water. In fact, light swimming after a meal will even boost your digestion, decreasing the odds of indigestion and discomfort.

We Don’t Use Our Brains Fully

The human mind is a wonderful thing. However, most people believe that we only use a small percentage of it, around 10%. Neuroscientists have proven that this is just not true. They state that we use our brains at full capacity.

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Interestingly, we even use 100% of our brains while sleeping. This means that there’s never a time that we use as little as 10% of our brains. The wonder and complexity of our brains will never cease to amaze us.

Our Brains Reach Their Limits

As children grow and change, it is easy to see that their brains are developing. However, we often believe that our brains stop growing and changing when we become adults. This causes older people to worry about their brain’s efficiency.

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Our brains are endless surprise pits that truly showcase their incredible abilities. In fact, our brains never stop growing and expanding because the neurons in them never stop flourishing.

Our Water Needs Differ

Ask anyone, and the odds are they will tell you that you need to drink between six and eight glasses of water a day. While it’s good to stay hydrated every day, the truth is that there is no set number that suits everyone.

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Our bodies are unique, so as a result, our hydration needs are different. While someone might need as much as eight glasses of water a day to feel hydrated, someone else might need only two glasses. It’s best to listen to your body.

King Cobras: Kings of Venom

Most people strongly believe that king cobras are the most venomous animals in the world. While these animals’ venom is dangerous, it’s not the most dangerous in the world. The most venomous animal will probably surprise you.

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When people think about highly venomous animals, few people think of jellyfish. Surprisingly, the box jellyfish is the most venomous animal in the world. The venom of a box jellyfish can create havoc within seconds, especially considering the added threat of being in the water.

Chameleons Want to Blend In

Chameleons are amazing animals that inspire us with their unique bodies, interesting eyes, and ability to catch insects that are far away. They’re also fascinating because of their ability to change color.

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Most people believe that chameleons change color to camouflage so that they can stay safe, but this is not true. Instead, their changing color reflects a change in mood. A chameleon’s color represents its mood, not its desire to camouflage.

Short-Term Memory Like a Goldfish

Most of us think that goldfish are incapable of remembering anything. In fact, we believe that they have the worst short-term memory of all animals. It’s surprising to learn that we’ve been giving these amazing fish little credit.

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Incredibly, goldfish are not only able to learn new things, but they can remember their newly taught skills or tricks for up to three months. It appears that we have been underestimating these fabulous creatures.

Sneezing: The Heart-Stopping Threat

For as long as the human race has existed, we have believed an untruth about sneezing. Many people feel slightly anxious when they feel a big sneeze coming on because they’re fearful that their heart might stop beating. Have you ever heard this myth? We hadn’t, but apparently, many others have.

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Luckily, our wonderfully designed bodies don’t give up that quickly. In fact, while a sneeze might cause our hearts to change rhythm slightly, it will never cause them to stop beating. This means we don’t have to feel stressed when allergy season comes along.

Apples Won’t Keep the Doctor Away

We all know the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” While apples are nutritious and healthy, they don’t offer us the complete nutritional package. Apples are rich in fiber and Vitamin C, which are good for us, but we need more than just those vitamins.

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The best way to keep the doctor away is to enjoy a balanced diet high in nutrients, exercise regularly, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep. Also, we shouldn’t always want to keep the doctor away because routine visits can be very beneficial.

Chocolate Should Be Avoided

For most of us, when we think about keeping our bodies in shape, we put chocolate to the side. It’s one of the three C’s to avoid when dieting: chips, chocolate, and candy. We think it’s a tempting treat that should be avoided because it will have undesired effects on our figures. Luckily, this isn’t true.

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While white and milk chocolate is rich in calories and does not offer much to our health, dark chocolate is packed with health benefits. As a result, it’s fine to enjoy a few pieces of dark chocolate twice a week. It is important to keep in mind that good health is all about balance, so don’t overindulge.