“Vandalism for Humanity”: Wholesome Instances of Chaotic Good

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Dive into the wild world of what’s known as ‘Vandalism for Humanity!’ In a time when every small act of kindness matters more than ever, some embrace chaos for good. From quirky Spotify interventions to disrupting protests, these modern-day heroes follow their consciences fearlessly. Discover the vibrant Reddit community called chaoticgood, where nearly 180k kindred spirits share their unorthodox acts.

Trick or Treat

Halloween is a fun time of the year, and though many think it’s just for kids, adults can have a good time, too! These college students found a way to have fun and make some people feel good.

Reddit // u/West-Confidence3180

See, a little mischief can be for a good purpose! We know we would’ve been ecstatic to get compliments on our costumes if that had happened to us.

Fry Guy

Fast food workers don’t make a lot of money by anyone’s standards. On top of that, even if they do get a raise, it’s cents to the dollar. So we think this is almost a Robinhood moment for this guy. But we do wonder what the manager was thinking.

Facebook // McDonald’s

After all, we’re sure that once everyone figured it out, there were some crazy consequences. The chaos must have been hilarious, though!

Hacking the Space

For anyone who rides buses, you might be really familiar with the bus stop advertising spaces. Honestly, you probably stare at them for hours every month. But you may also be aware that they’re prime candidates for a bit of vandalism.

Facebook // Exército de Dumbledore

This city wanted to preserve the coverings because they’re pretty pricey. They inspired directed chaos, which might be the most intelligent way to handle the issue!

Rebel Run

There are many rules regarding being part of the royal family. We can’t even imagine how many there are! But one of the royals that really stood out and broke them was Princess Diana, which is why many people fell in love with her.

Reddit // u/barlow61

We don’t know why there’s a rule that says that she couldn’t run in her kid’s Mother’s Day run, but we’re glad she was a little bit of a rebel.

Silent Stand

Losing your home has to be very difficult, especially if it’s something that’s been in your family for a long time. Most farms and families that own them are part of the community and give back willingly, but there are always hard times, and this family must have been struggling.


It’s immensely heartwarming to see that their community stood with them. A little silent protest for the young man to get his family farmhouse back seems appropriate and so beautiful.

Here’s My Number

When a woman goes out for a night, she has to be aware that several males will probably hound her. Frequently, they want to get your number so they can contact you and hang out with you later, but this can be very annoying.

Pinterest // @Anonymous

So, this guy came up with a great way to help his female friends out! We think every woman should have a friend like this. What a great idea!

Pumpkin Patch

If left unattended, dogs will eat anything. This pup got a little extra special treat around Halloween because there’s so much deliciousness inside the pumpkins floating around. The owner got something out of it, too!

Reddit // u/sailorjupiter28titan

Now they have a beautiful pumpkin patch they can get a little money off of or save a little money on. So, though there was a bit of anarchy and a bit of a chaotic start to this pumpkin patch, it will certainly be fruitful.

Dollar, Dollar Bills, Ya’ll!

Christmas time is such a stressful time of the year. One of the most overwhelming things is finding the right gift for each person, especially for those who need to be in better standing with each other. But this woman figured it all out!

Reddit // u/Ruuvimeisseli1

On the other hand, maybe she was just trying to be a prankster. We do hope there were at least a lot of dollars under that tree!

Touché, Batman!

Homeowners associations are meant to help communities stay safe and clean. However, what they have turned into for many of us is a tyrannical overlord community bent on making our lives chaotic!

Reddit // u/svm_invictvs

Their chaos isn’t always good, but this guy figured out how to beat them at their own game, and he did it in a truly epic way! Touché, friend!

Going Paperless

There’s a big push for everyone to go paperless so that there can be less waste in the world. It might be a good idea but, for older generations, it’s a hard transformation to make.

Reddit // u/ChandlerCPrice

This dad is like many other people in the world. At least he has a good sense of humor about it and he actually grasps how to make a funny meme, too! Good on you, dad!

Come and Get It

When we’re young, most of us go through a phase in which we’re all about delicious pop-tarts! Sometimes, that phase never goes away. This kid will probably be one of those kids whose joy of pop-tarts never leaves.

Facebook // Katelyn Lobb

We say that because he’s so intense about sharing his love with his friends. We think this is adorable and may show he has a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit!

Lost in Translation

There are a lot of people around the globe who have irrational fears of cultures that they’ve never experienced. They learn things through the news and sensationalism on TV and are automatically afraid.

Reddit // u/Artorias606

This bag is hilarious! Though we’re sure the idea behind gets a little lost, especially if you don’t read Arabic, it’s still a chaotic form of rebellion.

Movie Time

Big-time corporations sometimes turn a blind eye to things that happen in the countries where they cultivate their product. After all, if they don’t see it, it doesn’t happen, right? But that’s not the case, and this director wanted everyone to know it.

Reddit // u/Anonymous

It was very brave and righteous for this director to do this. Putting the movie up where Nestle executives and people would have to see it when they went to work is a true form of protest. We just hope the right person saw it and took the appropriate actions.


It must be frustrating to get your bike stolen, open up the want ads, and find it for sale. How did she figure it out just by reading the ad? Maybe she just had a hunch and hoped she was right.

Reddit // u/AbSilverDominic

We think this is only fair, and the thief really should’ve been a little smarter. She outwitted him fair and square and got her bike back, too. Good for her!

Petey on the Way!

We don’t know about you, but when we have had one too many, it’s hard for us to function at all. The fact this man had enough forethought to save this little bird is quite amazing! He should be given some sort of award or something.

Twitter // @MariettaDaviz

Can you even imagine stumbling to your car, seeing a baby bird injured, and having the idea to call an Uber to get it to the vet? What did the Uber driver think when they saw their passenger was a bird?!

What Did You Say?

One of the fun things about parrots is you can teach them to speak. You can just about have a whole conversation with them! It’s almost like you have a friend, but they have feathers and wings.

Facebook // Animals Doing Things

However, some jokers teach birds things like this. We don’t know if it was necessary to split these guys up, though. Did they think this was going to stop the cursing? We don’t think so!

Parking Assist

We’ve all been there – we think we found a parking spot in a parking lot full of vehicles only to find the car next to the space parked incorrectly. So, even though it’s sort of messed up, we can understand why this person did this.

Facebook // Bryan Callen

We would’ve loved to see the person’s reaction when they came out to find this. That being said, this will surely create chaos, but in the best way possible!

Ruckus in the Classroom

Parents must resort to subversive tactics to get kids to eat certain things. This parent decided to make it fun, and we think it was a pretty cool idea. We don’t know why the teachers acted the way they did.

Twitter // @RebeccaMills

How could you ban something like this?! They should’ve been applauding the parent and maybe taking a page out of her book about how to get kids to enjoy things they normally don’t like.

Run, Run, Run!

Having a cheering squad on the street as you’re running a marathon has to be a good source of inspiration. But this guy tried to be funny, and it might have backfired a little.

Reddit // u/Anonymous

We would’ve loved it, but unless you’re a horror movie fan, this could definitely spark a little chaos. It’s harmless fun but frightening at the same time!

Is This Yours?

We can’t even imagine someone having the nerve to dump such a large piece of property. Who has the money to get rid of an old boat? Wouldn’t it be more cost-effective to sell it or fix it?

Reddit // u/Anonymous

Well, this woman has gone a little rogue for a good cause. She took this issue on and took these litterers down in an epic way! This gets a big thumbs up from us!

Playlist Stalker

We all have music we listen to. When we have a terrible day, that one playlist can help get us through it. If you have close friends, they know that, and a good friend will use that knowledge for good.

Reddit // u/Anonymous

She’s trying to keep a good eye out for her friend. Though it’s done sneakily, it’s still a sign of a true friend. We may start using this method too.

Making the Best of It

Skaters have always had a bad reputation. That’s why many towns frown on the whole scene. These officials were trying to say they didn’t want skaters, but without saying a word. But the bike community told them off!

Reddit // u/hushitsu

We love the rebelliousness in these bikers! They’re making a good thing out of the chaos the city was trying to bring about.


We all understand wanting to keep our parks clean and safe, that’s not something any of us would argue about. But doing this to benches to keep the homeless from having somewhere to sleep is cruel.

Reddit // u/Anonymous

This person is quite a rebel! A little anarchy for comfort and in order to make a statement is never bad, as long as it’s not hurting anyone.

Feeding the Needy

There are many people who can’t afford to feed themselves or their families. That’s why there are systems in place to help. The problem is that those systems don’t always work, so we can understand this guy’s frustration.

Reddit // u/crocodiIe04

We understand he broke the law but, like Robin Hood, he did it for the good of the people. How can that be a bad thing? After all, that money is set aside to ensure the people eat, and that’s all he was doing!

A Feminine Voice

Many guys think video games are for them and them alone, but this brother had a different thought. This guy used that to distract his opponents. It’s not the most above-the-board tactic but, hey, whatever works!

Reddit // u/crimebiscuit

After all, all’s fair in love and war, right? This girl must have felt a little empowered as well, so the brother was doing a good thing for both of them. That’s what being a brother is all about!

Student Aid

One of the most expensive things when it comes to college is the textbooks. So, we think this person was just trying to help his students. It’s important for them to be able to have the course material, and if they can save a few bucks, who is that hurting?

Pinterest // @That Girl On Budget

Maybe instead of the powers that be saying this is bad, they should be thanking him for making sure the kids get the education the school says it’s offering!

Over or Under?

Ah, the age-old issue of should the toilet roll be over or under. Clearly, his person has a preference, and they’re spreading the word nationwide – one bathroom at a time. And they invested in tools to do it! That’s dedication!

Twitter // @Anonymous

It must be very important to them because they invested in tools and took the time to learn a new skill. We hope they keep their good fight going!

Will This Work?

Cats don’t necessarily know that certain things aren’t meant to be played with. You can try to teach them, but some things grab their attention, and they can’t let go. This little guy is trying to make up for what he did.

Reddit // u/radishjelly

That said, what he thought he could use as a replacement will get him in even more trouble. We don’t know about you, but this would have us screaming and running for high ground!

Spare Some Change

It’s always lovely when businesses try to give back to the community. This store is trying to help the local library. What a great cause! And this person is trying to create a little chaos for good. Why not pay it forward when it comes to things like this?

Reddit // u/smile_is_contagious

They ensure the library gets a little cash, and the next person gets a free handful of candy. We just hope the next person does the same thing.


Mythology and folklore have so many strange and wonderful creatures and stories. Sometimes, those stories take quite a strange turn. This Korean monster is just one of many like that.

Reddit // u/yuritopiaposadism

We don’t know what kind of chaos this is, but it’s pretty interesting. Plus, it gives us a good insight into what the Korean people of the past felt about the rich.

Follow Me

Stealing is wrong, but if you’re someone who’s always profiled, maybe you have a little bit of revenge in mind. This very trustworthy gentleman seems to have a problem with being profiled and wants to give others a chance to get away with a crime.

Reddit // u/ohisee7

We don’t know if we agree with his methods, but we can understand his feelings. It must be rough to feel like people have their eyes on you.

Get Your Mulch Here!

There are some cities that feel that skate parks are a place where certain types of crimes are committed. So, many cities look to get rid of them the minute they pop up. But they have to be crafty because they have to work around permits.

TikTok // @lyyio002

The city must have thought they were pretty clever when using that skate park as a mulch dumping site. But the joke’s on them because someone had an even better idea and devised a way to combat their apparent disrespect.

A Little Off the Top

Matted hair on a pet can actually be horrible for them. It often irritates the skin and can lead to some severe issues. But we’re not sure the burglar in this situation knew that was the case. We certainly hope that they did!

Pinterest // @justanotherdaydream

It’s very odd to break into someone’s house to do that. Then again, it was an act of service, so maybe the person who got robbed can just smile and pet that cat without fear.

Extra Nugget

There’s nothing like opening a box of chicken nuggets and finding more than you’re supposed to find in that box. Although this guy was breaking the rules at his workplace, he was definitely doing an act of service.

Facebook // Golden State McDonald’s

Honestly, we’re not sure McDonald’s would notice if one or two chicken nuggets were missing. So, we should just thank this guy and hope everyone who got that extra nugget felt a little love in their hearts.


It must be one of the most scary things to turn around and see that your kid is wandering off. Although, it’s usually very easy to find them in stores because you just have to locate the toy section.

Twitter // @GuttaKids

That being said, this worker was pretty much a savior. Although we’re not sure the little girl feels the same way. She probably feels that he was a bit of a villain in this story.

Free Education

Education can be quite expensive. The truth is that many of the things you learn in school can easily be learned online. This guy is just doing what everybody in the world is doing and creating a forum where he can share his wisdom.

Reddit // u/1Killag123

That’s probably not how his school looks at this situation, but you know what? This guy is doing a service! This is great for those who can’t afford higher education.

Quiet Room

We’ve all been there – sitting in a waiting room, waiting for the doctor to call us in, and suffering through all the bad TV on the screen. This guy is just helping us all out!

Facebook // The MemoryBank

What a genius! Now, anytime we’re in a waiting room, and there’s no sound coming from the TV, we’re going to wonder if we’re in the same space as this genius.

Words to Live By

Vandalism is bad! Taking the time to tag any building or sign is illegal. But, if you’re going to do it, at least try to have a good message. Take this as a prime example.

Reddit // u/CiraHemphill

We love the message, and the fact that someone was willing to climb up there just to spread the word means that they really truly believe it. Why not be a little friendly? It is pretty easy!

So Sneaky

Relationships can be tricky. This is especially true if people aren’t on the same page regarding the cleanliness of their homes. This roommate has a solution, though. It might seem wrong but, if it works, maybe it’s worth it.

Reddit // u/Rolling_Beardo

That being said, we hope the poor guy isn’t that into the girl he’s talking to. Otherwise, there may be some hurt feelings, which won’t help with the chore problem.

Loan Forgiveness

If you’re anything like us, and millions of other people, you’ve been waiting for that loan forgiveness. Though you’re probably not expecting it to come from some Chilean activist. But, hey, any help is helpful!

Facebook // Revista Paula

We’re not quite sure why this activist thinks this is a good idea or how it will benefit him, but it benefited a ton of people, so that’s good. However, he does kind of look like maybe he’s not the most reliable character.

Door Prizes

Many people need something to keep their minds going when they’re out for a walk. This guy is multitasking, and that’s pretty impressive.

Facebook // The Autistic Witch

He’s crafty, too. What a fun bit of chaos right there! We hope annoying that one neighbor is just a side benefit and he’s actually enjoying his walks.


There’s no reason to be condescending to anyone in any situation. The fact that this company decided to send these emails to all the tenants meant they were in it for the money and only the money.

Pinterest // @Anonymous

We don’t know how this will turn out, but we can understand why the tenants all went on rent strike. Hopefully, it doesn’t backfire on them, and everybody can work things out civilly.

Charge It!

The world relies on credit and the banks are making a killing with all the fees and rates involved. We can understand why someone would be so frustrated with these terms and how they mount up!

Facebook // Yam S Pradz

This guy certainly took matters into his own hands just to show the bank that people are frustrated and fed up with the system. Though it’s illegal, and he certainly did get in trouble, it was a lesson that maybe the banks should take into consideration.

A Helping Hand

Living on your own and going to college can be quite expensive. That’s why many college students pretty much live paycheck to paycheck. We don’t think this robber knew that until he broke into this home. His reaction to this place was much different than we would’ve expected.

Reddit // u/LegoCMFanatic

We’re not sure how this kid should’ve taken the fact that the burglar brought in some of the stuff he’d obviously stolen. But the burglar felt terrible, which in and of itself is kind of a heartwarming moment wrapped in a chaotic blanket.

Calling Them Out

There’s a lot of piracy going on, and sometimes that includes graphics. It makes sense to create products with images, especially graphic designs that people want to see. However, there are rules and laws, and these people are breaking them.

Reddit // u/aawshnoop

That being said, other people have some pretty good ways of combating that. This shows that sarcasm can be both funny and preventative of theft!